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About Us

Scholarsight is educational technology service that offers courses in all areas of human knowledge. The Scholarsight courses are built to impart skills and develop innovators, practitioners, researchers, and scientists of the future. The vision of Scholarsight is to become the most trusted partner of scholars, scientists, researchers, innovators, technology professionals, and growth seekers. Our mission is to expand science and knowledge for a better and more enjoyable life on earth. 

Organizational Structure: Structurally, we are a Meritocratic Holacracy. 

Values: We are a value-oriented organization from day zero. Here are our values that every member of Scholarsight has to imbibe and uphold.

  1. Achievement Motivation (Aim High)

  2. Perfection (Be Excellent in What You Do)

  3. KarmaYoga (Be Hard Working and Have Action Orientation)

  4. JnanaYoga (Find Bliss in Knowledge)

  5. Self-Direction (Have Ability to Initiate, Build and Lead)

  6. Compassion (Uplift Others)

  7. Humility (Always Remain Humble)

  8. Happiness (Be Happy in Life. Be Happy at Work)

  9. Harmony with Nature (Be in harmony with Nature)

  10. Talent (Merit is the First Among Equals)

  11. Nerd (We Cherish Nerds.)

  12. Execution (Delivery Matters Most)