Looking for a Dream Corporate Career? First Learn to Bell the CAT.

CAT, or Common Admission Test, is the most important examination for admission into the Indian Institute of Management or IIMs. IIMs are the best-known brand for management education in India. There are currently 20 IIMs in India, which also carry the status of Institutions of National Importance in India. Each year around 200,000 students apply to get admission for around 5500 seats for MBA courses in the IIMs. Needless to say, competition is very tough, and every fraction of a mark count.

Many aspirants fail because they do not strategize their preparation and just jump into the wagon. Needless to say, to ace a competitive exam like CAT, you need an impeccable strategy. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about the CAT exam, its structure, Question Paper pattern, and strategy that toppers adopt. Based on over decades of experience of our instructors in training the over tens of thousands of MBA aspirants, this is a comprehensive and must-have course for all MBA aspirants.

Program Outcomes

  • Know all the information that you require to start your CAT Exam Preparation.
  • Know the exam and question paper pattern of CAT Exam
  • Know what strategies you can adopt to score above above at least 95 percentile
  • Attempt Previous Year CAT and Other MBA Entrance Questions with Confidence


  • Over 100+ Hours of in-depth and exam oriented content
  • In-depth and step-by-step coverage to take your CAT preparation from scratch to advanced level.
  • Quizzes and Questions to hone your skills in real life-like setting
  • Self-paced learning giving you freedom to learn at your own pace and schedule
  • One year access to course content!
  1. Program Fee:
  2. Application Fee: 100
  3. Registration Fee: 1000
  4. Credit: Scholarsight
  5. Durations: 4 Months
  6. Effort: 3 Hours per week
  7. Number of Courses: 8 Courses in Program
  8. Subject: Competitive Exams
  9. Institution: Scholarsight
  10. Institution Offering Credit: Scholarsight
  11. Language: English
  12. Video Transcripts: English

Program Outline

This is a foundation course for MBA entrance exams across India and the world. This program is specifically prepared keeping the standard of Common Admission Test or CAT, which is the benchmark MBA entrance exam in India for admission into the prestigious IIMs. Students who prepare well for this course will find them ready to take up any MBA entrance exam with confidence.

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This program contains currently 6 courses which can be seen by clicking on courses tab.

Program Length:

The minimum duration for finishing this Program is 3 months from the date of admission. However, it is a self paced program and students can finish this course as per their pace and devote their time to practice and solving test papers.

"Self study is the best study," you might have heard. We make sure you do it in the company of the best teachers.

  • 100+
    Hours of Video Content
  • 800+
  • 200+
    Downloadable Resources
  • 12
    12 Months Full Access to Courses
  • 6
    In-depth Courses
  • 100%
    Personalized Attention

Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who is graduate and desires to pursue MBA from IIM or any prestigious Institution can take thee courses.

Program Fee

The course is being offered at highly affordable fee which students can pay online.


Introduction to Common Admission Test (CAT): A Strategic Plan to Bell The CAT

Begin your CAT journey with a thorough knowledge of CAT exam pattern and preparation strategy that toppers use. This course will act your guide to CAT exam preparation strategy, you wont require any other help.

Started on 2021-01-01
Number System for CAT and Competitive Exams

Number System All-in-One Masterclass for CAT and other competitive examinations. Ace Quantitative Aptitude of CAT & MBA Exams. Solution of Past 20 Years CAT Papers.

Started on 2022-07-24
Percentages for CAT and Competitive Exams

This course would provide an in-depth understanding of the concept of percentages as relevant to CAT exam.

Started on 2022-07-22
Ratio and Proportion for CAT and Other Competitive Exams

This course offers an exhaustive coverage of the topic Ratio and Proportions for CAT, MBA entrances and other competitive examinations.

Started on 2022-07-06
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LRDI) for CAT

This course offers an exhaustive coverage of Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section of Common Admission Test (CAT) exam.

Started on 2022-07-24
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) for CAT and Competitive Exams

This course will give an in-depth coverage of Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) part as per CAT, MBA entrance and exam.

Started on 2022-07-23
English Grammar and Usage Foundation Course

This course offers a foundational coverage of English Grammar and its Usage from scratch to advanced level. The course caters to need of first time learners of English who are looking to speak and write English with correct grammar.

Started on 2022-08-09
English Communication and Business Etiquette

English communication skills and behavioral etiquettes go hand in hand. People can misunderstand you if you accidentally use the wrong body signs. Not just in a formal setting but also in informal settings such as family get-togethers, good communication skills leave a lasting impression. This course offers a comprehensive coverage of tips and techniques that you need to master the art of communication and impressing people in corporate and social settings with your behavioral skills.

Started on 2022-07-28



Nikhil Bhalla is a highly esteemed instructor at Scholarsight. He is also Instructor at TIME (Triumphant Institute of Management Education) with a wealth of experience in guiding students for CAT (Common Admission Test) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) examinations. With his profound knowledge and expertise, he has successfully mentored numerous students who have not only cleared the top IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management) but also achieved remarkable percentiles.



Experienced Verbal Ability & Soft Skills Trainer with a 20-year history in education management. Skilled in English, Organizational Development, and Public Speaking. Holds double postgraduate degrees in English & Sociology, and Management with a Marketing specialization. GCC certified in Career Counselling. Dean of Skills Development Cell, mentoring engineering and management graduates for employability. Well-versed in coaching for competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, and CLAT. Students recognize h



Priyam Singh is an instructor at Scholarsight and specializes in teaching English language for the CAT (Common Admission Test) exam. With a successful track record of guiding students towards excellence in the CAT exam, Priyam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Coming from an Army background, Priyam values discipline, commitment, and perseverance, which she instills in her students. Known for her expertise in communications and business etiquettes, Priyam equips studen



Kavita Naryani, an instructor at Scholarsight and faculty at DPS Jhansi, is an experienced English Grammar and Language expert. With decades of experience, she has successfully guided individuals in mastering effective communication skills in spoken and written English. he provides comprehensive guidance on grammar rules, vocabulary enhancement, sentence structure, and effective writing techniques.


Internship & Placement

This course is for MBA Test preparation, Internship & Placements are not applicable to it.


Accreditations are not applicable to this course.

About Institution

Scholarsight Technologies is a registered company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GoI. It offers high quality courses prepared by the renowned instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Degree, Diploma or a Certificate Program?

This is a certificate program. A student successfully completing this course is offered Certificate of Completion .

How students are assessed on this program?

This is test-prep course and students are assessed continuously on quizzes and exam level tests.

Does this course also contain live classes?

This is a MOOC video course of recorded lectures. Students desiring to take live classes can sign up for the live classes separately.

Can I download video lectures?

You can watch video lectures any time anywhere in a ready to stream format. However, lectures are not currently available for download.

What will be the duration access to course content?

Student can access all the content under this course for 1 year.

How do I get my doubts cleared?

Students can raise questions in Q&A forums or connect to instructors in their live classes to get their doubts resolved.