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Data is the new frontier of the 21st century. According to a Harvard Business Report (2012), data science is going to be the hottest job of the 21st century and data analysts have a very bright career ahead. This course aims to equip learners with the ability to independently carrying out in-depth data analysis with professional confidence and accuracy. It will specifically help those looking to derive business insights, understand consumer behavior, develop objective plans for new ventures, brand study, or write scholarly articles in high-impact journals and develop a high-quality thesis/project work.

Good knowledge of quantitative data analysis is a sine qua non for progress in the academic and corporate world. Keeping this in mind this course has been designed in such a way that students, researchers, teachers, and corporate professionals who want to equip themselves with sound skills of data analysis and wish to progress with this skill can learn it in an in-depth and interesting manner using IBM SPSS Statistics.

Program Outcomes

  • On completion of this course, you will develop an ability to independently analyze and treat data, plan and carry out new research work based on your research interest.
  • Become proficient in major research techniques employed in academic and business research in the most comprehensive, in-depth, and systematic manner.
  • Launch your career as a statistician, data analyst, researcher, and data science professional.
  • Get the certificate of 'Certified Statistical Analyst Using SPSS' in Hard as well as soft copy.


  • Over 32 Hours of indepth and scholarly content
  • Indepth and step-by-step coverage to take your learning from scratch to advanced level.
  • Quizzes and projects to hone your skills in real life-like setting
  • Self-paced learning giving you freedom to learn at your own pace and schedule
  • One year access to course content!
  • 30-Days Money Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked!
  1. Program Fee:
  2. Application Fee: 99
  3. Registration Fee: 1500
  4. Credit: Scholarsight
  5. Durations: 4 Months
  6. Effort: 2 Hours per week
  7. Number of Courses: 14 Courses in Program
  8. Subject: Research and Data Analysis
  9. Institution: Scholarsight
  10. Institution Offering Credit: Scholarsight
  11. Language: English
  12. Video Transcripts: English

Program Outline

This is skill-oriented program designed to help learners looking to certify their Data Analysis skills using SPSS. The program contains an exhaustive and in-depth coverage of Univariate and multivariate data analysis topics using SPSS.

Students can download the full course brochure by clicking on the download link

This program contains total 12 Units which can be seen by clicking on courses tab.

Program Length:

The minimum duration for finishing this Program is 3 months from the date of admission. It is a self paced program and students can take maximum up to one year from the date of admission to finish their certification. If a student does not complete/pass the certification within one year from the date of admission then student can apply for certification by giving 20% program fee as re-registration fee at any point of time in life. Access to course videos/content remains with the student for life time.

Nobody Covers SPSS as We do!

  • 32+
    Hours of Video Content
  • 400+
  • 50+
    Downloadable Resources
  • 12
    12 Months Full Access to Courses
  • 12
    In-depth Courses
  • 100%
    Personalized Attention

Eligibility Criteria

Essential Requirements

Applicants for this program must have:

  • A Bachelor's degree from any recognized institution. Students in the final year of their study can also apply


Applicants for the degree program are recommended to have:

  • Ability to understand and communicate in English language
  • A laptop/device with internet connection and IBM SPSS Statistics software installed

Fee & Financing

Applicants willing to enroll in this program need to pay the fee in the three steps. The amount of the fee is mentioned in the top-right corner of the course image on this page. Following is the description of the applicable fee for this program

  • Application Fee: Applicants need to pay an application fee while filling the Application Form for the program. Kindly check your eligibility criteria before filling the application. The application fee is non-refundable and is not part of the Program Fee.
  • Registration Fee: After submitting an application if a student is admitted to this program then the student needs to pay a Registration Fee to reserve his/her seat. The Registration Fee is usually 10% of the total Program Fee. If a student cancels his/her registration within 10 days of registration then admission of the student is canceled and the full Registration Fee is refunded to the student. Please note that access to the course is not available unless the student pays the Program Fee.
  • Program Fee: After 10 days of registration, a student needs to submit the remaining Program Fee after deducting the Registration Fee amount. The student is given access to the current course content after submission of the full Program Fee. In case a student is not happy with the current Program, s/he can take a full refund within 30 days of payment of the Program Fee.


Applicants can approach to authorized banks for financing their fee.



IBM SPSS Statistics Foundation Course

A step by step course to build the foundation of data analysis using SPSS

Started on 2020-03-30
Regression Analysis Using SPSS

Learn to conduct Regression Analysis in SPSS. Course Covers Linear Regression, Multiple Regression, and Hierarchical Regression Analysis.

Started on 2020-07-24
Introduction to Correlations Using SPSS

This course provides a comprehensive discussion on basics, assumptions, and doing to Pearson's Correlation, Spearman's Rank Order Correlation, Biserial Correlation, and Point-Biserial Correlation.

Started on 2020-01-01
Reliability Analysis Using SPSS

Learn to Conduct Reliability Analysis of Psychometric Scales and its Use in Scale Building

Started on 2020-01-01
Measures of Association Using SPSS: Kendall's Tau

This course offers a fundamental introduction to the Measures of Association with a focus on Kendall's Tau coefficients.

Started on 2020-01-01
Chi-Square Statistic Using SPSS

This course offers a fundamental introduction to Chi-Square Test. The Course discusses one-way Chi-Square, how to perform Chi-Square test in SPSS, and report results in APA format.

Started on 2020-01-01
Logistic Regression Using SPSS

Learn to Conduct Binary Logistic Regression Analysis from Scratch to Advanced Level Using SPSS.

Started on 2020-01-01
Moderation and Mediation Analysis using PROCESS in SPSS

Learn to conduct moderation and mediation analysis in SPSS using PROCESS Macro from Scratch

Started on 2020-01-01
One-Way Repeated Measure ANOVA Using SPSS

This course offers a fundamental introduction to One-Way Repeated Measure ANOVA Using SPSS. The course provides an in-depth discussion on basics, assumptions, and doing to One-Way Repeated Measure ANOVA in SPSS. The course also discusses various multivariate and post hoc tests using in the One-Way Repeated Measure ANOVA Analysis.

Started on 2020-01-01
One-Way Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) in SPSS

Learn to Conduct Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) Using SPSS

Started on 2020-01-01
Multivariate Analysis of Variance (MANOVA) in SPSS

This course offers a fundamental introduction to the MANOVA or Multivariate Analysis of Variance using SPSS. The course provides a focused explanation of MANOVA basics and understanding input options of MANOVA in SPSS.

Started on 2020-01-01
Exploratory Factor Analysis in SPSS

This course offers a fundamental introduction to Exploratory Factor Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics® Software.

Started on 2020-07-24
Data Visualization in SPSS

This course offers a fundamental introduction to Graphical Representation and Data Visualization using IBM SPSS Statistics software®.

Started on 2021-01-01
Structural Equation Modelling Using AMOS: Foundation Course

Learn Structural Equation Modelling, Path Analysis and Confirmatory Analysis using IBM SPSS AMOS from Scratch

Started on 2022-01-01



Scholarsight offers courses in research, scientific computing, and technology. At Scholarsight, we build comprehensive and in-depth courses on methods and research technologies covering all major steps involved. Our aim is to take the skills of our learners from scratch to an advanced level and maximize the strength of their impact in the minimum possible time.


Internship & Placement Support

This is a Certificate Program and currently it does not offer internship/placement support.



The program Certificate is issued by Scholarsight. It does not require any accreditation/attestation by any external body.


About Institution

Scholarsight offers courses in research, scientific computing, and technology. At Scholarsight, we build comprehensive and in-depth courses on methods and research technologies covering all major steps involved. Our aim is to take the skills of our learners from scratch to an advanced level and maximize the strength of their impact in the minimum possible time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Degree, Diploma or a Certificate Program?

This is a certificate program. A student successfully completing this course is offered Certificate of Statistical Analyst (SPSS) .

How students are assessed on this program?

Students are assessed on three papers , i.e., Theory, Practical and a project work. Each of these three parts of assessment consists of 100 marks each.

Is there a minimum marks required to get certified as statistical analyst?

Yes. A student has to secure a minimum of 40% marks as passing percentage in each of the three papers.

What are options if a student fails certification exam?

If a student is unable to secure the minimum passing percentage then he/she can take the exam again by paying 20% of the program fee in further attempts.

Will I get lifetime access to course content?

Yes . This program offers lifetime access to course content. Also, there are no extra charges born by the student whenever courses included in this program are updated.

Can I get refund?

The course comes with 30-Days refund guarantee. So, you can get your full payment refund within 30-days of enrolling to this course.